ABO & NCLE Certified Opticians

Certified by the American Board of Opticianry

Along with helping you find some of the best eyewear values in the Universe, we also believe that among the most important things we do is help you get the best advice and professional service available.

To make your advice and service the best possible, the opticians at EyeglassUniverse.com are licensed and certified. We believe in the high standards of the American Board of Opticianry and so our opticians obtain and maintain both the ABOC and NCLEC certifications of the ABO. Each optician maintains a “dual license” granted by the State of Ohio Optical Dispenser’s Board.

The ABO and NCLE certifications are nationally recognized standards of accomplishment that demonstrate that an optician has the knowledge, skills and competence to service the public in the optical – medical field. Moreover, maintaining the certifications is not just a payment of a renewal fee. In fact, continued qualification for ABO and NCLE credentials requires regular and successful continuing education and testing to make sure the optician is always using the best possible information in your eye care needs.

Ninety percent of state licensing boards use the ABO and NCLE exams as the basis for the state examination. An optician that is both ABO and NCLE certified, and who holds a state license, meets the highest standards of certification in the optical business today.

EyeglassUniverse.com believes that maintaining high professional standards of conduct and knowledge is one of the best ways we can serve you. A person with these credentials is an ophthalmic professional, is qualified, and competent by the highest standards of measurement. It proves that an optician takes pride in their role in the health care industry and is willing to maintain their knowledge and skills through continual education during their career. If you have any questions you can be sure one of our highly qualified opticians know how to get you an answer that is both accurate and complete.

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