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This is the official blog and information site of EyeglassUniverse.com.  Here you’ll find news, press releases, occasional opinion polls, random musings and blog posts about product news and opinion on almost any topic. We’ll post our YouTube video links here and occasionally we will link to guest blog posts you may find interesting.  You’ll find something to like here.

We believe that EyeglassUniverse.com is the best place in the Universe to buy prescription glasses online.  We were founded on the timeless virtues of “quality & value” and strive to provide those in every product we offer. There a lot of great choices on the internet when you want to buy prescription eyeglasses online. What you won’t find are artificially high prices discounted by gigantic percent-off offers. Our pricing is honest across the board. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to give our clients a discount from time to time but our low prices only get better when we have a percent-off discount to offer.  We’ll have great prices every day on a great selection of eyeglass frames and lenses.

Because our focus is on bringing you “quality & value” in eyeglasses online, we search the Universe to find the best eyeglass frames for men, women and children and bring them to you at fair and honest prices. And that means you don’t have to buy cheap eyeglasses online anymore.  With our value pricing you can buy eyeglasses for less at EyeglassUniverse.com everyday.  All of our eyeglass frames and quality prescription lenses are first run, top of the line offerings.  That is why all our frames and lenses have a one year basic warranty against manufacturing defect.  When you “Come to the Universe” to buy prescription glasses online we’ll greet you with a great web store, great products, and professional service and attention all through the process.

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