The Case For Trivex Lens Material

Superior Optical Qualities

Trivex is an excellent choice for eyeglass lenses.  It is the lightest and strongest lens material available today.  Like polycarbonate materials that preceded it, Trivex was originally developed for fighter jet canopies and helicopter windshields and was developed to provide extreme impact resistance and optical purity.  In 2002 PPG Industries introduced Trivex to the optical world and today Trivex lens material is the only lens option that almost perfectly blends the most desired characteristics of each of the currently available lens materials into one lens option.  Trivex offers the excellent optical clarity of plastic, the impact resistance of polycarbonate materials, and a suitable finished edge profile over other materials when all factors are considered.  Trivex also naturally blocks 100% of the damaging UV rays that pass through the lens protecting your eyes from the potential damage caused by the sun. 

Trivex lens materials are somewhat thicker than polycarbonate lenses when fitted to your eyeglass frames but Trivex is 10% lighter than polycarbonate lenses of equal size, and more than 20% lighter than all plastic and high index lens materials.  Trivex material has a specific gravity of 1.11 and this means that no other lens material can provide the lightweight comfort and feel for eyeglasses when a high power prescription is required for your vision correction.  Trivex also has excellent optical qualities.  Trivex lens materials have a Abbe Value of 45, which is higher than polycarbonate and all high index plastic lens material.  It provides an almost ideal blend of qualities for optimal vision results and is lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses of equal size.  It is often the lens material of choice for rimless drill-mount (3 piece) eyeglass frames because it is structurally rigid and capable of providing structure and strength to lightweight rimless and semi rimless eyewear choices.  Compared to other materials, Trivex resists splitting and chipping much better in drill mount applications than most other lens materials available.

Trivex lens materials can safely replace polycarbonate lenses for children’s glasses. Trivex is a lightweight lens material that can be an ideal choice to balance between the impact resistance of polycarbonate lenses and the superior optical qualities of plastic.  Even though Trivex is just slightly thicker than polycarbonate lens materials, it’s lighter weight, superior optics, and structural qualities make it an excellent choice for eyeglass lenses.  And because of these superior qualities it may well be the best overall choice when ordering safety glasses, children’s glasses, or rimless eyeglass options when a high power Rx is involved.

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