Explain “task specific” glasses?

Better for Specific Tasks

Your everyday eyeglasses and lenses may not be the best choice of eyewear when you are doing repetitive tasks or tasks done at a specific distance from a piece of equipment or object.  Your regular glasses are just fine for everyday tasks but when you spend more than an hour in front of a computer, or a specific distance from work equipment, or look down the barrel of your shotgun shooting skeet, then you have a specific task and specific vision issue that can be corrected with “task specific” eyeglasses. 

Major lens manufacturers have created lenses designed for office and work environments where tasks are repetitive and usually at the same distance from the equipment, like a computer monitor of stamping machine. In such cases it is often helpful to have lenses in your eyeglasses tailored to the specific distance you work from your equipment. As your eyes age and are less able to adjust to vision variables repetitive work often becomes eye, muscle, and neck strains and pains at the end of a day. Our everyday glasses are good for general tasks but they don’t do as well at specific distances and specific tasks. That is when an eyeglass lens tailored to the office or computer can be made to suit your specific environment and work conditions. Usually these lenses provide the best correction for the range of tasks you complete within three to seven feet but some newer lens designs recently introduced can incorporate a wider effective range out to 12-14 feet.

While there is no such a thing as one type of “task specific” lens that fits all environments or that are considered best for everybody, the wide range of new lens designs and a wider recognition of worksite vision issues faced by people is pointing out effective ways to protect your vision and eye health. Almost everyone who wears eyeglasses can probably benefit from glasses designed for the specific tasks in which they are engaged in at work or at play. At EyeglassUniverse.com we suggest you talk to you eye doctor about your specific environment, type of work or task, typical lighting and other factors that might help improve your vision and reduce the strain of repetitive tasks at regular and specific distances over the course of as little as an hour a day. This suggestion is even more important to consider and act upon if you already suffer frequent neck or headache, eye strain or difficulty in focusing at the usual distances of your work or task or hobby. If your work day consists of long stretches of time working in front of a computer monitor you’ll probably find benefit in eyeglass lenses tailored to your specific work environment.

It is important to reiterate that close consultation with your eye care professional in tailoring your prescription to your work place environment is one of the most important steps in finding a solution in modern task specific eyeglass lenses. Based upon reports we hear back from patients using computer and task specific lenses we’re comfortable in suggesting that you may well find such a solution helps you make the day more comfortable at work and results in less head, neck, muscle and eye strain and pain. Talk you to your doctor and then contact us at EyeglassUniverse.com and we can help you get the best values anywhere in the Universe.

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