How We Assure the Quality of Your Eyeglasses

Quality Processing Steps

Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we start with a rigorous set of quality steps that begin the moment we receive your order at

After we first receive your order a licensed ABO optician verifies your Rx entries and product selection to make sure your order passes the “Does this make sense?” test.

We then verify the accuracy of the prescription with your doctor or contact you for more information. 

A work ticket is created through this process and the product is located and obtained in a job tray for processing.  Each lens is thoroughly inspected to make sure it is appropriate capable of solving your Rx and that it is free of flaws, defect or damage.  The frame is inspected to make certain it is cosmetically perfect and free of flaws, defect or damage.

The lenses and frame are advanced to processing where the lab attendant conducts the same physical inspection.  The lenses are verified for right and left eyes, blocked and marked, and prepared for processing after the frame is digitally measured.  Exact digital measurements are forwarded to precise instruments and verified prior to final processing. 

The lenses are processed in state of the art digital lens processing equipment and forwarded with the frame when completed to another check step.  The lenses and frames are again checked for damage, flaw or defect and then verified to be within ANSI Z80.1 – 2010 tolerance standards prior to assembly

After verification of accuracy the lenses and frame are mated and the assembly step is the second to last check-step for quality.  When the eyeglasses are assembled, cleaned, and then inspected, they are forwarded to shipping for packing and the final quality inspection.  If the eyeglasses pass the inspection of inspector 99 (aka - our worthy opticians), they are wrapped, packed, labeled along with an eyeglass case, cleaning cloth, and receipt for dispatch to you.

You conduct the final inspection – the wear test!

We’ll follow up via email to make sure your glasses are everything you expected.

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