Why Do You Need Frequent Eye Examinations?

Eye Health Can Change Quickly

Eye specialists recommend that adults have their eyes examined once every two years. If you have not had an examination in the previous two years and are having increasing difficulty in reading, having blurred vision or other eye-related symptoms, or have a family history of eye or vision problems, it is strongly suggested you seek a doctor for an eye examination.

Computer use in the workplace is just one example of the reason for the increased strain on our eyes.  Sporting events, hobbies and avocations like playing the piano or sewing even for as little as an hour or two a day is very demanding on a person’s eyes. Eye specialists report a growing number of patients who relate their vision problems or complaints to their use of computers and to the tasks and hobbies they enjoy. The term \"computer vision syndrome\" (CVS) has been coined to refer to computer-related vision problems but just about any activity can benefit from task specific glasses. CVS is replacing \"eyestrain\" more and more frequently in patient evaluations reported by eye care professionals.

Ergonomically sound computer workstations, favorable work-rest schedules, properly designed visual environment alleviate eyestrain (visual problems) among computer operators. However, in many cases such measures alone cannot be effective if the computer operator\'s vision is not corrected.  Straining to focus in on small text of a computer monitor is best solved before head, neck and eye issues begin to make work more and more uncomfortable.

Because of the potential extra stress on the eyes, eye specialists may suggest more frequent examinations for young and old patients alike, even if you do not already have corrected vision with contacts and eyeglasses. You can find an optometrist or ophthalmologist listed in the yellow pages or you can contact EyeglassUniverse.com and we’ll help you identify a practitioner near you.

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