Do I Need Computer (Task Specific) Lenses

Reduce Eye Strain

As we age our eyes lose the ability to focus on near items as easily as when we were younger.  This is especially true after the age of 40 but can occur earlier or later than age 40.  Eye care professionals refer to this condition as presbyopia and it makes it necessary to accommodate for the inability of the eye to quickly refocus on images that the eye has in its sight.  Modern work environments often center on tasks that specifically require the use of computer monitors or equipment with visual displays.  As we age our eyes fatigue much more rapidly in constant work environments and the strain on neck, head, and eye muscles can often lead to discomfort and can occasionally lead to chronic conditions.

Working comfortably with a computer monitor for much of the day requires us to rethink what brings on eye and muscle strain.  It is the position of the head, the position of the monitor, lighting, and the available area of our eyeglasses capable of focusing on our monitor.  Then, these factors are aggravated by the fixed distance our workstation seat is from the display monitor.  These workplace conditions often lead us to a specific solution in eyewear referred to as computer lenses, also known as a task specific lens.

Eye care professionals and lens manufacturers studied the phenomenon and have developed special lens designs manufactured specifically to reduce eye strain for those who work with computer monitors and other task specific equipment.  (Similar type lenses are available for task specific functions like sport shooting and other sports.)  Task specific lenses provide a tailored prescriptive solution for the computer or task environment.  When one spends a lot of time in front of a computer monitor or processing equipment at a fixed and regular distance, computer or task specific lenses can dramatically help reduce the strain, neck and muscle pain, and headaches that are common in modern work, computer, and sporting situations.

The solution starts by widening the focal corridor of the lens portion you use the most in the task and in the case of computer lenses (also often referred to as work or office glasses), a much larger and more optimized portion of the lens is reserved for the specific work environment.  Usually for computer use, the distance is two and a half to three feet front your work position. This lens tailoring helps to reduce the need to constantly adjust neck and head and eyes to maintain optimal vision. This is important and a positive prescriptive change for distances that are fairly constant and prolonged, like the use of your monitor in your typical viewing or work position for hours in a day.  Along with this design change in the lens, your eye doctor will often prescribe a small addition of magnifying power to punch up your ability to see images and text on the monitor through the optimal place in your eyeglass lenses. 

Ideally, with a wider focal area devoted to the sight line to your computer and a proper work environment that has the correct lighting and monitor placement, your computer task specific lenses will make your job easier and your eyes, neck muscles and head will thank you. can make your computer glasses.  Consult with your eye doctor and let us know how we can help you get the best eyeglass values in the Universe.

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