EyeglassUniverse.com Basic Eyeglass Lens Warranty

We only offer ophthalmic lenses of the highest quality material available.  We process your orders with digital equipment  and techniques that permit us to produce your lenses to meet or exceed ANSI Z80.1 – 2010 standards of accuracy.  We inspect your lenses both before and after processing your order to make sure they attach your prescription variables and meet other exacting standards and tolerances before they are sent to you.  We want to provide you every reasonable assurance that when you do business with EyeglassUniverse.com your satisfaction is our highest priority.  Consequently, we provide the following basic lens warranty.  Additional warranties may apply when indicated.

1)            Defect in material or manufacture

After receipt, should any lens develop a defect which can be attributed to a failure of lens material or an original manufacturing defect or error within one year of the order date, when so determined after our inspection, we’ll replace the lens for the original frame and prescription at no cost to the original customer. 

2)            Errors we make in processing your lenses (processing to out of tolerance condition)

In the rare instance where a lens we manufacture for you is believed to be out of ANSI Z80.1 – 2010 standards tolerance, return the lens or lenses to us in the original frame so that we may verify the out of tolerance condition.  If we confirm that the lens or lens or lenses we manufactured do not meet the ANSI Z80.1 – 2010 tolerance standards measured against the prescription values you entered on your order, we will remanufacture the lens or lenses, install them in the original frame, and return them to you without further cost to you.   No changes are permitted.  This provision of the basic lens warranty applies for one year after the order date and we will remake replacement lenses only once during this warranty period to correct errors that we make.  We will use the original Rx and frame parameters to fulfill our remake obligation to you.

3)            Lens Orders and Purchases are final once processed.

All lenses are processed for you and your prescription parameters.  Consequently, once an order is entered and processed through our ordering system the lenses cannot be returned for a refund.

4)            Normal wear and tear, neglect, abuse, poor handling not covered.

This basic purchase protection is provided to you without cost.  Normal wear and tear is not included in these basic warranty protections nor is chemical reaction with skin, cosmetics, chemical, or cleaning agent.  Neglect, abuse, or poor handling by the wearer is not included as determined within our sole discretion and judgment.  Accidental or intentional damage is specifically excluded from all basic warranties.  Patient, Doctor or prescription errors are not included in these warranty protections.

5)            Coating with separate warranties not limited by this policy.

Warranty for Anti-reflective coatings (AR/ARC/SHARC) are covered under separate conditions and warranties if present on the lens and any claim for warranty repair or replacement based upon a failure of the coating will be handled under the coating warranty terms and conditions.  Only one claim for failure of these coating will be permitted.

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