Lorie D. From Michigan wrote:

My name is Lorie. My sister and I each bought prescription eyeglasses from EyeglassUniverse.com. We both believe that we got an exceptional value and I am thrilled with my purchase and the caring, attentive service. I ended up buying three pairs of glasses including two bifocals and a pair of single vision readers for my sewing and quilting. I want other people know of the great service and special attention and information I got while making my eyeglass purchases.

I got three pair of great glasses in three different styles and got them all for $360 and I couldn’t get a single pair from my local doctor for that price. They explained things to me in a way that helped me make the best and most informed decisions and I understood exactly what I was getting before it was purchased. If you want to do business with honest and caring professionals and get great eyeglass values, you couldn’t find a better place to buy prescription eyeglasses online than EyeglassUniverse.com.

I decided to send this review along because I recently sent back a frame because I broke it and they replaced the frame without charge or additional cost. That is the quality and value I was looking for. Thanks.

Peggy B. From Texas wrote:

I deeply appreciated the customer service and prices at EyeglassUniverse.com. I was unable to afford new eyeglasses at any local stores but then I found the same eye glasses at EyeglassUniverse for 70% cheaper.  When I placed my order I made a error in entering my prescription.  Their optician found the error before an expensive mistake was made and contacted me to notify me of the necessary changes to my order.  They were able to offer me cheap solutions to fix my order and were even able to find upgraded lens for almost no price difference. Thank you EyeglassUniverse and I appreciate the great Opticians working there! Sincerely, Peggy

Tyler K. from Iowa called to tell us:

I appreciate your finding me the eyeglass frame that I ordered from another eyeglass site but they couldn’t or wouldn’t provide. Then you did me one better, you found the frames and sent me two frames for the price of one as a way of saying thanks for being your customer. If that isn’t a business worth doing business with, I don’t know what kind of business it would take to satisfy you. Thanks EyeglassUniverse. I’ll certainly tell others about you and your great service.

S. Hussein from New York called and said:

You had the frame I had been searching for. Then you provided great lenses and upgraded them too. You honored a coupon where my order fell just short of qualifying for and promptly handled my order. I’m a new friend and I will certainly tell others how you treated me. Thanks EyeglassUniverse.

Vicki B. from Michigan wrote:

My name is Vickie.  I bought prescription eyeglasses from EyeglassUniverse.com recently.  EyeglassUniverse made sure that my progressive lenses were accurately produced and installed in the rimless eyeglass frame I chose.  The people at EyeglassUniverse communicated with me along the way and sold me progressive prescription eyeglasses for $99 complete.  I am thrilled with my new glasses and appreciate the attention to detail and the honest dealings since I had a specific budget I needed to stay within.  I had fun searching their site for frames and I am glad I bought glasses from them.  Other people will want to check them out too when they go to buy prescription glasses online. It is not as hard to get quality glasses online as I first feared.

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