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2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse coming Monday August 21st in the USA is the first of its kind for 38 years. Almost everyone in the USA will be able to view at least a partial eclipse and that includes wide swaths of the entire North American continent. Safe viewing is a must as the sun’s energy won’t be any less than a regular day so take precautions to protect your eyes.

Blue Light is a Wrecking Ball

Blue Light is A Wrecking Ball

BLUE LIGHT IS A WRECKING BALL TO EYE HEALTH Miley Cyrus is a Middle Tennessee hill person that has become famous singing songs like Wrecking Ball. She has tremendous talent. The melody of her song is good. Her video is provocative. Let me be just as provocative when I suggest to you that excessive blue light is …

Color Blue

The color blue

THE COLOR BLUE AND THE GROUNDHOG DAY CONSPIRACY How has the color blue helped me shake out of my personal “Groundhog Day“? Remember, Bill Murray lived the same day over and over. Andie MacDowell helped him bring it to an end. The run-on of days and the blue feeling brought on by a long, gray and cold winter began creeping …

Eyeglass Lens Materials

Eyeglass Lens Materials

EYEGLASS LENS MATERIALS – YOUR OPTIONS Eyeglass lens materials for your prescription eyeglasses are ultimately linked first to how you can best accomplish the correction of your vision. For many of us though, this is just one of the things we expect our eyeglass lenses to provide. Manufacturers of eyeglass lens material have created some exceptional plastics. One …

Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Plastic Eyeglass Frames - One Ad Infinitum 1-JC411 In Blue Multi

PLASTIC EYEGLASS FRAMES – AN UPDATE There can be little doubt that plastic eyeglass frames have become one of the most important fashion accessories in the last 10-15 years. Bold colors, shapes, and a variety of sizes allows the wearer to match their mood or to project a sophisticated image that fits the variety of circumstances …


Metal Eyeglass Frames Peace Fly Navy

 METAL EYEGLASS FRAMES MATERIAL This post expands Metal Eyeglass Frames materials I started in my previous post – EYEGLASS FRAME MATERIALS – AN UPDATE. I provided a general overview of how Eyeglass Frame Materials have evolved over the last fifty years and where Eyeglass Frames materials are going in the 21st century. Most eyeglass frames are made from …


A new and fresh look at Eyeglass Frame Materials shows that we are enjoying heightened innovation, better manufacturing techniques, and an improvement in material and styling coordination that makes modern eyeglass frames a far cry from options available just fifty years ago. Eyeglass frames lead the way into a new century of fashion accessorizing that has an almost endless number of choices for consumers whether they need vision correction or not.

Use Your FSA For Eyeglasses and Contacts at EyeglassUniverse

Flexible Savings Account - FSA

Use Your FSA For Eyeglasses and Contacts at

The rush is on to use Flexible Spending Account money by the end of the year. Use Your FSA For Eyeglasses and Contacts at and get quality and value and great savings. You have a lot of choices online to buy prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses. Now that Christmas is just about over and the credit cards bills will be arriving, there is A WEEK before the new year that is very important to SAVE money and without costing you money out of pocket. It’s like have a savings account that you may have forgotten about that HAS money in it and it is waiting for you to spend it before the year is up. This is money that is yours to spend and buy needed items like eyeglasses and contacts lenses for yourself (unlike the Christmas gifts you just spend on friends and family). This is also the time of year that many people struggle to spend all of the money reserved by their employer for their use in flexible spending Health & Wellness items such as prescription glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. These are often items that you know you need to buy but set aside in your time budget because of all of the other demands of the holiday season for tasks that seem more important.

For many people, their eyes are one of the most important capabilities that they have. As an example, think about the Christmas season just past and all events and people and family you SAW. These are times that you can relive through the memories registered in your mind because of what your eyes saw and stored. For example, how about relatives gathering once a year, church events and choirs singing in front of the nativity scene, all the decorative lights, the gifts and Santa. It seems like such a shame to miss all joy and pleasant things of the season through out-of-date lenses, old glasses (or no glasses when you need them) or contacts that you are wearing past their useful life.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are moneys linked to your Health & Wellness benefits provided through employment programs. FSA accounts in particular are linked to a coverage period and most of them expire at the end of the year – Right now! The employer and you have been setting aside money all year and if the funds are not used, they are lost forever. This is just like having a savings account that you lose if you don’t spend it by the end of the year. You’ve heard it before, use it or lose it. That account is your FLEX SPENDING ACCOUNT, (FSA) and while HSA accounts are somewhat different, these benefits should be used to take full advantage of programs set up for your benefit. Use your FSA Accounts for Eyeglasses and Contacts at and fully qualify these expenses before the end of the year.

Buy Perfect Eyeglasses Online, West Chester, OH

Buy perfect eyeglasses online every time by understanding the five crucial pieces of information that will help assure you buy perfect eyeglasses online every time and get them. Seek out and know these critical pieces of information before you order eyeglasses online.

We love eyeglasses at We counsel patients every day on how to buy perfect eyeglasses online. Getting the results you expect isn’t difficult but it will require you know some things before you get serious and order glasses online. The five tips that follow will help you and it won’t take much work at all to know these things before you start shopping for the perfect glasses online. I’m going to cut through the subjectivity of style, materials, color, frame shape (and so many other things), and leave those to you. After all, you know what you like. We want you to have what you want. Most importantly, when you shop and buy perfect eyeglasses online at we want you to be happy.

The advice and tips that follow are only the practical side of buying perfect glasses online. Let’s not diminish the importance of the “style” considerations. Of course, know the color, shape, material, and colors you seek but, be willing to consider choices that may not be exactly what you like so you can get a great value in eyewear online. To buy perfect eyeglasses online you need to know the following things regardless of the style, or color, or shape of the glasses you seek.

Our goal is to help you save money, get a great value in eyeglasses online. We strive hard to be at the “intersection of Quality and Value” at Know the following pieces of information and you won’t find it hard to buy perfect eyeglasses online every time.

World Sight Day 2014 at

World Sight Day

There are very few physical capabilities that we possess as human beings that are as coveted (and necessary) as our eye sight. October 9, 2014 is World Sight Day 2014 and I am reminded how fortunate I am to have generally good eyes and good health. But, there are an estimated 563 Million people in the world that cannot see clearly, or at all. As best we can as optical professionals we owe a reasonable effort in our business pursuits to help those who have their eyesight at risk due to disease or other issue. Each optical professional in their own small way can help reduce the number of people worldwide that suffer eye disease and loss of eye function if we give back just a tiny amount every day.

At the beginning of 2014 chose to adopt the mission of helping those who have already lost their useful vision by supporting organizations that help provide seeing eye guide dogs for the blind. We tied our effort to our sales and then at the end of the year we plan to make a donation tied to our total number of sales. With three months to go we have more to do but our small effort is one of thousands upon thousands of similar missions being carried out the world over and not just because it is World Sight Day 2014.

My daughter Valarie works for the largest eyewear company in the world. She was asked to travel this week to Indonesia to serve in a Onesight optical clinic. While her role is as the blogger and chief communicator for the clinic she is spreading the word of how this one clinic is helping hundreds and maybe thousands of impoverished children in Jakarta have the gift of sight. Mind you, I don’t sell a Luxottica brand and have nothing to gain by telling you that I am immensely proud of an organization like Luxottica that is making a difference in the eyes of many who need basic vision care and attention throughout the world. They are one of the chief financial backers of the efforts and send employees and help sponsor clinics like the one in Jakarta and elsewhere throughout the year. They help bring together the optical interests around the world for the better good of those with vision care needs. In most instances the children that pass through the clinics come out with new eyeglasses to correct their deficient vision. For some the screenings are detecting glaucoma and other diseases that if left untreated will eventually blind the person and many of these are children. Here is a link to the Jakarta, Indonesia Onesight clinic blog page: