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Buy Perfect Eyeglasses Online

Buy perfect eyeglasses online every time by understanding the five crucial pieces of information that will help assure you buy perfect eyeglasses online every time and get them. Seek out and know these critical pieces of information before you order eyeglasses online.

We love eyeglasses at We...

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Affordable Eyeglass Frames For Women

At, we're all about bringing you an unbeatable selection of quality fashion eyeglass frames and prescription glasses for less than found just about anywhere else. We have over 4,200 eyeglass and sun frames to choose from - a selection that grows regularly. In this helpful guide I've kept it short and sweet and straight to the point. I've selected five budget-friendly eyeglass frames for women that are perfect for small to medium faces. I've added a few helpful hints along the way to help you find the right eyeglass frames to highlight your best features and accomplish the perfect look.

First, don't hide your beauty behind over-sized frames. As a fashion statement, keep the Rule of 3 F's in mind. That is, glasses that "Fit, Frame, and Flatter" your face are much better than trying to make a fashion statement by hiding behind frames that are too big for your face. The term fit means that the frame should "fit" your face dimension and shape. The term "frame" means to accurately center your eyes within the frame much like you might put a picture in a frame. When we refer to "flatter" we are referring to flattering, or, the frame is just right for your face size and shape due to the choices of material, shape, color, and construction (like rimless or semi-rimless, for example).

Second, know your color wheel. A color wheel helps show the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Frames are available in dozens and dozens of shades and hues to compliment every face, skin tone, and ensemble you might put together. Basic black frames are also widely available but most of us can do better than basic black in eyeglass frames these days with dozens of colors being available.

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Buy prescription glasses onlilne

Buy Prescription Glasses Online and Save

We've already mentioned that one of the biggest reasons to use the internet to shop for eyeglasses online is to save money. The whole idea of shopping on the internet is to find what you're looking for easily and buy it with the biggest discounts. Buying prescription eyeglasses online almost always guarantees that you'll buy glasses for less than what you might pay your local optical shop. At we have over four thousand frames to choose from and we're adding more every day. A typical big box vision retailer has 350-450 frames to choose from and many smaller shops have half that many. With such a wide range of choices to choose from you won't find it hard to find just the right frame style, color, and material for your eyeglass frame.

Of course, finding the right eyeglass frame normally leads to finding the best eyeglass lenses. Big box optical retailers typically offer only two or three choices in clear lens material for their prescription glasses. At we offer seven different clear material choices for your prescription eyeglasses not including options for photochromic, polarized and plano lenses to complete the fashion and practical reason why you buy eyeglasses at all. Most of our glasses frames can be turned into prescription sunglasses too but we have non-prescription sunglass choices as well. We also feature a great selection of contact lenses at prices that are often priced lower than most competitors online. A typical customer at buys single vision glasses at half the cost of warbling (in the) Parker (a big competitor of ours - not their name exactly, but you get it that we don't want to advertise their store). If comparing against a local retail optical store your savings could be greater than 75% off their retail. All of our frames are warranted free of manufacturing defect for 12 full months. Some of our frames have two year manufacturer warranties to give you the best possible confidence in your eyeglass frames bought from us. And, we feel so strongly that you should buy anti-reflective coating for your lenses, we include it at no extra charge on our stock single vision lenses delivered with your eyeglass frame.

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