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World Sight Day

World Sight Day 2014 at

There are very few physical capabilities that we possess as human beings that are as coveted (and necessary) as our eye sight. October 9, 2014 is World Sight Day 2014 and I am reminded how fortunate I am to have generally good eyes and good health. But, there are an estimated 563 Million people in the world that cannot see clearly, or at all. As best we can as optical professionals we owe a reasonable effort in our business pursuits to help those who have their eyesight at risk due to disease or other issue. Each optical professional in their own small way can help reduce the number of people worldwide that suffer eye disease and loss of eye function if we give back just a tiny amount every day.

At the beginning of 2014 chose to adopt the mission of helping those who have already lost their useful vision by supporting organizations that help provide seeing eye guide dogs for the blind. We tied our effort to our sales and then at the end of the year we plan to make a donation tied to our total number of sales. With three months to go we have more to do but our small effort is one of thousands upon thousands of similar missions being carried out the world over and not just because it is World Sight Day 2014.

My daughter Valarie works for the largest eyewear company in the world. She was asked to travel this week to Indonesia to serve in a Onesight optical clinic. While her role is as the blogger and chief communicator for the clinic she is spreading the word of how this one clinic is helping hundreds and maybe thousands of impoverished children in Jakarta have the gift of sight. Mind you, I don't sell a Luxottica brand and have nothing to gain by telling you that I am immensely proud of an organization like Luxottica that is making a difference in the eyes of many who need basic vision care and attention throughout the world. They are one of the chief financial backers of the efforts and send employees and help sponsor clinics like the one in Jakarta and elsewhere throughout the year. They help bring together the optical interests around the world for the better good of those with vision care needs. In most instances the children that pass through the clinics come out with new eyeglasses to correct their deficient vision. For some the screenings are detecting glaucoma and other diseases that if left untreated will eventually blind the person and many of these are children. Here is a link to the Jakarta, Indonesia Onesight clinic blog page:

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